Stronger Tissue Sooner. DynaMatrix® offers a 3-dimensional scaffold important for host tissue remodeling, while its signaling proteins within the membrane, stimulate the natural healing process and facilitate soft tissue healing.
RTM Collagen Membrane
Cytoplast™ RTM Collagen combines optimized handling, a long-lasting resorption rate, high tensile strength and reasonable price to make it one of the most popular membranes on the market.
TXT-200 Non-Resorbable High-Density PTFE Membrane
Non-resorbable 100% dense (non-expanded) PTFE membrane creates a soft tissue barrier as long as needed.
Ti-150 and Ti-250 Titanium-Reinforced Non-Resorbable High-Density PTFE Membranes
The traditional frame design, incorporating delicate and strategically-placed titanium "struts," has more than 25 years of clinical history and successful use in guided bone regeneration. Cytoplast Ti-250 membranes provide a wide range of coverage solutions for cases involving extraction sites, bony defects and ridge augmentation (250 microns thick).