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Lifetime Implant Warranty Program*

Keystone Dental, Inc. offers a Lifetime Warranty, designed to give you and your patients peace of mind. By guaranteeing your patients’ implants for life, this comprehensive warranty program reflects Keystone Dental’s commitment to providing you the highest quality products and support.

All Keystone Dental implants come with Keystone Dental’s Lifetime Warranty. When you purchase Keystone Dental implants, you are automatically enrolled in the Lifetime Warranty Program. No patient registration is required.

No-Cost Lifetime Coverage
As a Keystone Dental customer, this standard lifetime coverage is provided to you at no extra cost.

Easy Claim Procedure
If you need to make a claim, simply contact Keystone Dental’s Customer Service department within 30 days of the incident.

Implants must be purchased from Keystone Warranty applies only to implants that fail to If the implant failure occurs after restoration, Keystone Dental will also replace the prosthetic components, provided that such components were also purchased from Keystone Dental. Documentation of purchase must be provided. All procedures using warranted product must be performed in accordance with Keystone Dental’s recommended instructions for use as well as generally accepted dental practices.

The benefits in the Keystone Dental Lifetime Warranty Program are exclusively for eligible treating clinicians and are not for any other person or entity, including the patients of eligible clinicians.

Replacement of Dental Implants
Restored and unrestored Keystone Dental implants are eligible for the Keystone Dental Lifetime Warranty Program.

Replacement of Prosthetic Components†
If an eligible Keystone Dental implant fails after it has been restored with Keystone Dental prosthetic components, Keystone Dental will also cover the replacement prosthetic components and will reim- burse actually incurred laboratory fees up to $500 (on the new crown).

Scope and Term
Subject to the following limitations and exceptions, if, during the patient’s lifetime, a warranted product should fail to osseointegrate, Keystone Dental will provide the benefits listed below.

Benefit Details
Surgical Benefits

The clinician placing the implant will be eligible to receive Keystone Dental product equivalent to the original product (includes implant, cover screw and healing abutment).

Restorative Benefits

The clinician performing the restorative procedure will be eligible to receive Keystone Dental product equivalent to the original prosthetic components actually installed on the original implant. Additionally, Keystone Dental will reimburse actual reasonably incurred laboratory fees for restoring the replacement implant (documentation required) of up to $500 per newly restored implant on a warranty claim.

*Implants purchased through a Keystone Dental distributor/third party are not eligible for the Keystone Dental Lifetime Warranty Program.

†Warranty does not apply to claims related only to prosthetic components.


Limitations Keystone Dental’s warranty coverage is limited to the following:

Keystone Dental implants that have been surgically placed but are unrestored.

Keystone Dental implants placed and restored exclusively with Keystone Dental prosthetic components.

Procedure Requirements
Warranty claims must be reported to Keystone Dental within 30 days of the incident to remain eligible for benefits described in this Warranty claim submissions must include product in question, radiograph(s) and laboratory bill (for new crown only) where applicable. The participating clinician must be current in all amounts owed to Keystone Dental at the time the claim form is received to be eligible for warranty benefits.

This Warranty Program is the sole and exclusive warranty offered by Keystone Dental. Keystone Dental’s obligations and liabilities under this warranty are limited to the benefits described in this document.
EXPRESS OR IMPLIED and shall not assume any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or delay. Descriptions or specifications of Keystone Dental’s implants are meant to generally describe the implant system and related procedures and they do not constitute an express warranty.

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